Meet Mr. Liporto

Collin Sargent, Staff Writer

I interviewed Mr. Brian Liporto about being the newest Assistant Principal for Sutton Middle School & High School. I asked a series of questions hoping to understand him and learn more about his personal life. The questions I asked Mr. Liporto were light and easy to answer. In his previous teaching years Mr. Liporto was a music teacher for Shrewsbury Public Schools.

Me: What made you wanna switch schools or did you have to? 

Mr. Liporto: I was working as a musical teacher for the last 20 years and in the past 10 years I was involved with kids and liked the enjoyment I received from the connections with students.

Me: What made you know you wanted to be a vice principal? 

Mr. Liporto: I knew I would like this job from the school’s guidelines and the community.

Me: Why did you want to be a music teacher? 

Mr. Liporto: I was in a school band from a young age and at the end of high school I knew I wanted to be a music teacher.

Me: How do you like Sutton so far? 

Mr. Liporto: I really enjoy the community, it reminds me of my home town, and everyone knows everyone.

Me: Do you like online school? 

Mr. Liporto: Some kids are really good at it and other kids have difficulties, but you lose that socialization from other people and you’re not fully using your brain for knowledge. 

Me: If you were to change anything to the school what would it be? 

Mr. Liporto:  I would change the fields for the student athletes. There should be bleachers, a full on scoreboard and a whole party basically for every game.

Take the time to get to know Mr. Liporto, and you will see he is a great teacher and person.