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What is better in general, Amercian football or World football?

Dear America: Soccer is better than Football

Jacob Prue, Staff Writer May 25, 2023
I personally believe that soccer is a better sport as well as a much more popular as well. There are four main reasons I believe this statement to be true.
Referees at Suttons girls basketball playoff game against Springfield Renaissance.

Referees — are they getting worse?

Jacob Prue, Staff Writer April 3, 2023
But there are calls to a lot of people that seem like no-brainers that are being missed left and right. And fans are starting to have enough of it. 
The Bruins celebrate a well earned win in overtime against Dallas

The B’s are Buzzing 2.0

Jacob Prue, Staff Writer March 24, 2023
The Boston Bruins are dominant and there appears to be no way they are slowing down. 
Some of the rivals game being displayed are the Sixers and Nuggets, the Nets and Knicks, and  of course, the Lakers and the Celtics.

Modern-Day NBA Rivalries

Jacob Prue, Staff Writer March 14, 2023
There has been a huge difference in today’s biggest rivals and when looking, it is easy to see why.
The Eagles and Chiefs are set to face off in Arizona for Super Bowl LVII.

Super Bowl LVII: The Preview

Jacob Prue, Staff Writer February 10, 2023
Mahomes vs Hurts, Jones vs Reddick, Kelce vs Kelce. All on Sunday night.
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