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The line between machines and humanity is getting fainter by the day

Dear America: Beware of artificial intelligence

Philip Ostrowski, Staff Reporter March 22, 2024

I think that the general public is very under informed about what artificial intelligence really is, and its capabilities for damage to our society. Most people only think of AIs as harmless chat bots...

Dear America: AI is beneficial to our society

Dear America: AI is beneficial to our society

Hunter Miller, Staff Writer March 15, 2024

AI has taken the world by storm. 2023 was AI’s biggest year ever for advancements. AI has grown in popularity tremendously just over the past year. One of the main reasons for this was the creation of...

Thanks to the angle and specific photo selected, a foolish controversy was born.

Deception in Modern Media

William Sawicki, Staff Writer March 5, 2024

Today’s population almost entirely bases their opinion off of the mass media they take in daily. This quick to conclude type attitude that most people base themselves on is very dangerous and can lead...

Writers on strike! Image taken at one of the rallies.

The Hollywood Crisis

Alexis Gemme, Staff Reporter November 17, 2023

The Hollywood strike is something that is going on now in our country. In Hollywood one of the reasons that the writers and actors are going on strike is because of AI concerns.  With the rise of AI...

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