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Dear America: AI is beneficial to our society

AI is the future…and the present
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AI has taken the world by storm. 2023 was AI’s biggest year ever for advancements. AI has grown in popularity tremendously just over the past year. One of the main reasons for this was the creation of Chat GPT made by Open AI. 

AI is a machine based system that can help you with many of your tasks. Also, AI does the objective fast and efficiently. There have been many new applications of AI, which are quickly becoming part of everyone’s everyday life.

Chat GPT has been an extremely helpful resource for many companies and businesses. Many people understand the dangers of AI, but the pros definitely outweigh the cons. AI helps businesses with marketing and overall production. AI is a lot cheaper than paying an employee and is more efficient.

Open AI and Chat GPT logo (Dado Ruvic)

AI is constantly improving their systems and databases. Every single day, AI grows and becomes bigger. Many people don’t truly understand what AI actually is. Many people think that AI is robots who control our lives. 

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No matter if you like AI or not, it’s not going anywhere. It’s becoming a regular part of society. AI could be dangerous if put into irresponsible hands, but even then it can still severely improve our society.

Some potential drawbacks of AI are self developing AI systems. This is scary because there’s a chance that AI would be able to completely replace humans, and create a new life form that will outperform humans in every way.

It’s extremely important to keep AI out of people’s hands that have bad intentions with it.

In the earlier days of AI, there were reports of AI suggesting dangerous activities, which can be a major worry. AI can be used with good or bad intentions and should definitely have some regulations.

Due to AI’s ability to analyze large amounts of information and data. AI is extremely helpful for things like investment management. AI helps with banking, health care, and other important tasks.

You can use AI for other things like creating AI art. You can do this by typing in a prompt for the AI which then turns your prompt into a photo. AI is used to help enhance the quality of photos.

Tesla car (Brandon Bell / Getty Images)

Another resource of AI are voice overs, which can turn written words into spoken content.

AI has made major advancements in transportation. Companies like Tesla have self-driving cars which use AI and algorithms in order to be successful. In order for AI to be successful every aspect of AI has its own algorithm which helps create whatever content you need.

AI offers undeniable benefits for our society, most creating a positive impact. AI still has lots of room for improvement and will continue to progress their programs. As AI evolves and becomes more of our everyday society it’s very important to keep AI in responsible hands in order to minimize the dangers and possible risks AI can have.

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