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Dear America: Stop Caring About Brand Labels

Everyone is too concerned about if they have Gucci
Fancy expensive bags.

There have always been more favored, or popular, clothing choices. Sometimes, they change over the years, sometimes they do not.

It’s not even just clothing. The amount of people who seem to be bothered about whether they have Apple or Android is a large amount.  

Occasionally, people will buy expensive things just to show them off. Almost everyone out there knows which brands are more expensive than others, and if there is someone walking in public with one of the more expensive brands would get noticed more. 

People might either want Gucci, Prada, Louis Vuitton, or something that richer people may own. Because of the amount of celebrities that own certain brands of accessories and clothing, other people want to have them so they can say they own the same.

So why does society care so much?

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Yes, some people buy certain brands just because they want to show off, but that is not always the case. Sometimes, usually seen in middle or high school, kids buy certain brands so they can “fit in” with the trends. In school if one of the “cooler kids” has a certain sweatshirt, shoes or something, a few others might want to have that more expensive brand of clothing to be like that “cooler kid” in hopes that they will be liked more for owning things the same as that person. 

Nike shoes.

We see this all the time with brands like Nike, Lululemon, American Eagle, and Converse. If anyone was to go out and survey a bunch of random people in public, a decent amount of the answers would have one of these brands in it. 

Sometimes, people even just prefer brands they have knowledge of to be certain of good performance rather than faulty items. “For instance, people might prefer a pair of Nike running shoes over an unknown brand, expecting superior comfort and durability.” 

Some new UGGS.

Of course, there are people who want to “stand out” for money, or “fit in” with trends, but in certain times a brand might be popular and very efficient. If someone shops at a store like UGG, and they always or almost always get good use of the products, they are more likely to shop there more often. They maybe even tell people about it, further spreading the popularity of the store. If everyone who buys there is satisfied with the outcome of their purchases then more people will buy there. Then, at that point everyone buys shoes at UGG and it becomes a trend.

Shopping at the more popular stores is not always bad. They are popular for a reason and sometimes it’s not just because they are more expensive to make people look better. It could be because the brand or store is more efficient. 

At some point in life everyone has fallen victim to wanting branded clothes for one of these reasons, but in society it should not make a difference in people’s opinions of one another. 

Still, there are an overwhelming number of reasons why people might care about the brand they wear, in the end it doesn’t even really matter. As long as the clothes are functional, and are what that person prefers to wear, it should not matter how expensive it was, or what brand it is. 

So why does society care so much? They should not. Buy what works for you and ignore the labels. You’ll be much happier. 

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Hi there I am Alexis and I'm a freshman. I am a competitive dancer, and that takes up most of my free time, but when I do have a break I enjoy drawing and just trying different art projects that I find interesting. My least favorite subject is math, and I have two younger brothers.

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