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The Impacts of the Israel and Palestine protests

What the protest have done to America.
Joerg Carstensen
Protesters outside of D.C.

In October 2023 a conflict broke out in the Middle East between Israel and Palestine. The conflict has created a lot of violence with almost 25 thousand dead and 68 thousand wounded between both sides.

The mass violence in the Middle East has led many Americans to take a side and protest America’s involvement in the war by supporting Israel. This has created many violent protests in America by both Palestinian and Israeli supporters.

France bans all pro-Palestinian protests

One of the biggest spots of protest has been in Washington D.C. with a lot of violence taking place between the police and protesters. Los Angeles protesters demanding a ceasefire and an end to U.S. support for Israel’s attack on Gaza blocked morning traffic on the 110 Freeway. In New York, protesters have blocked the George Washington Bridge leaving many people stuck in the city. Protesters in Boston disrupted the Christmas tree lighting in the common.

The U.S. is not the only place that has experienced mass protests; many other places around the world like London, Berlin, and Paris have experienced hundreds of thousands of people protesting. 

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The protests have created mass violence in America with many students protesting the war being victims of violent attacks at schools and universities around the country like at Columbia University where protesters were sprayed with pepper spray. 

Pro Israel and Palestine protesters facing off.

Protesters of both sides have also used extreme methods to get their points across, blocking mass amounts of traffic in popular wealthy areas like Beverly Hills and Manhattan.

Protesters on both sides have caused massive problems throughout the country and although their messages mean well the execution has caused mass amounts of controversy throughout America and many parts of the world. Until the conflict concludes, the protests will likely continue. 

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Ryan Doolin
Ryan Doolin, Staff Reporter
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    Ted McCarthyMar 2, 2024 at 8:18 am

    Hi Ryan – Thanks for writing about such an important topic. It’s imporatnt that people your age start to become more aware and informed about these types of global issues. A good follow up piece might focus on what the arguments for/against America’s current relationship with Isreal might be. Nice work!