What People Think About The Vaccine Mandate

Is It Helping Us Or Hurting Us?


Fabian Sommer

Another vaccination, another band-aid.

Marissa D'Agostino, Staff Writer

Vaccine Mandate Introduction

Since December 11, 2020 the whole country has been very divided on if they should get the vaccine or not. Earlier this year when Biden released the mandate, employees retaliated arguing it’s unconstitutional. 

WCVB reported in December that nearly 1,000 Massachusetts employees have either left or been fired over the vaccine mandate. “Only Religious exemptions were granted to 130 of the 2,164 employees who applied for one. Medical exemptions were approved for 126 of the 394 employees who applied.” 

OSHA Enforces Mandate

OSHA released a statement earlier this year that would require businesses with 100 or more employees to be fully vaccinated or have a weekly test to work. Many believed OSHA did not have the authority to enforce vaccines on employees.

The case was brought to the Supreme Court and earlier this month to be resolved. The court’s decision, which was six to three, with liberal justices in dissent, ruled that OSHA does not have the authority to command workers to receive the COVID vaccine or to be tested weekly.

What Students Think About Mandate

Sutton Senior Lucas Klippel stated his opinion on the vaccine that has many people on the fence. Klippel believes that no one should be fired for not getting the vaccine, but instead pay a fine and still have regular testing.

He mentions a strong point, that multiple vaccines are required for children to enter schools. So why would one more vaccine requirement be so unconstitutional? Lucas Klippel understands that OSHA didn’t want to force people into doing things, but wanted life to return to normal and have a safer working environment. 

Opinions From a Healthcare Worker

It is safe to say that most healthcare workers believe that the vaccine is important and the mandate is pushing our country in the right direction. CNA/Nursing student Sarah Haire is open about the realities of the vaccines. “There was a similar uproar with the polio vaccine when it was first introduced, along with the seat-belt mandate. The main issue is that people don’t like change and would rather be stuck in their ways.

“Since many healthcare workers left their jobs or got fired, hospitals are extremely understaffed. Some hospitals would even allow workers that were testing positive to come in because they’re so desperate for help.

“How is it fair to have a vaccinated and COVID positive nurse working but an unvaccinated and COVID negative nurse can’t work? As healthcare professionals, we have to be very ethical and the word beneficence is used often in our schooling.

“It means our job is to do no harm.”                                                                                            

Evidence Based Research Explained

“Evidence based research is when data from practices are recorded and overtime it is ruled as evidence to be an ethical and safe medical practice. We cannot give intervention to a patient without consulting and reviewing what has worked for similar patients in the past.

“With evidence based practice, it is shown that the vaccine does decrease the transmission and obtaining of the virus. Therefore, it’s unethical for healthcare workers to not follow the evidence that proves that vaccines work and are safe.

“I think the mandate is super important and is a great thing to be enforced. Wouldn’t you want your nurse to believe in science since it is the foundation of our profession?

“I think the mandate is helpful but the follow up is so poor, again with the COVID positive nurses coming to work since they have been vaccinated. Sounds like a lawsuit waiting to happen. At the end of the day neither the nurses or patients’ safety is made #1 priority by the results of the mandate and it needs to change.”