Dear America: You’re making your steak wrong

Americans are failing to make steak

Sam, Staff Writer

Rare, Medium Rare, Medium, Medium Well, Well Done.

These are all options, and in my opinion, it’s not subjective. These options do vary depending on where I am getting my steak from, and how it’s prepared. If I am out to eat, I trust medium so I don’t get food poisoning. When at home I prefer medium rare and also just rare every once in a while for New York strip steak. If I am planning on eating barbecue briskets I prefer medium rare for a perfect brisket that falls apart in your mouth.

Steak is being prepared wrong in America and it is a travesty. The wrong people have access to grills and stoves, and should not be attempting to make steak as they will mess it up by either cooking it for too long, leading to it burning, or for too little keeping the steak raw and dangerous to eat.

Personally I enjoy prime rib and New York strip steak, as they are both extremely tasty. I occasionally like barbecue briskets although they are too filling; they are almost like desserts because of how sweet and tasty they truly are. It is difficult to get these steaks right mainly due to people having many different pallets and preferring different flavors and textures of steak. 

What’s the best temperature for steak? Medium rare; it is the best for strip steak. It is plenty enough to give grill marks but not enough to melt the fat and char the steak. It is the most perfect level of heat for the perfect mouth watering steak.

How do you check the temperature for a perfect steak? A meat thermometer can be used to determine temperature but the thermometer must be placed in the thickest section of the steak, allowing it to get the most accurate readings, you must also avoid bones and fat depending on the cut you are working with.

If you are looking for the nicest cuts of steak that are professionally cooked how you like, go to a steakhouse where they have all the special cuts you can not find at your local grocery store.

America, sadly there is no hope for steak anymore. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic and inflation not only in America but around the world, the price of steak has gone up. I attempted to find the percentage of increase for steak prices but every source is a little different. Most of the information I found was skewed, and in my opinion that is most likely because butchers can set their own prices, and the media takes information from the different butchers. The most common number I was getting was around 18-20% increase from 2020 to 2021. These sources were abc7news and cnbc.

Bottom line: find steak, eat steak, and prepare it correctly. For those of you who don’t know what you are doing, please stop trying.