Two Students Walk Into a Podcast: Episode One

Where students discuss what matters to them


Welcome to the new Sutton High News podcast, “Two Students Walk Into a Podcast.” We are excited about bringing this to you, and hope that you will return for future episodes.

In this our first episode, Matteo D’Anello and Jacob Viele talk about movies. How do we watch movies and how do they impact us? They discuss this and the future of cinema. Matteo talks about how Spider-Man: No Way Home is not as great as some want you to think, and Jacob brings up trailers and the way they change your expectations. Join them as they discuss their favorite topic.

You could be on a future episode. Do you have an idea? Something you would like to talk about? If you do, please see Mr. Loss and share your idea. Quite likely you will soon sit down and record your own podcast and share your thoughts with the world.

For now, sit back and enjoy Episode One: Why We Love the Movies (and you should, too)!