Hershey Healing

The healing power is another reason to eat more of it.



The healing power of chocolate. The delicious treat everyone labeled as bad, which really isn’t.

Macy Hutchinson, Staff Writer

Nothing is better than biting into a piece of chocolate caramel candy. Well maybe the gooey, crunchy, warm, sweetness of a fresh s’more on a cool summer night, or a warm brownie sundae.

Though after these sweet, sweet, indulging, the gilt always seems to follow. Well, what if I could tell you that chocolate can actually be good for you? What if I could tell you that chocolate actually has healing properties?

From the mental, psychological side of things, women who have a healthy relationship with chocolate are more likely to find success in weight loss than the women who feel guilty indulging in the sweet treat.

Those who associate chocolate with guilt are more likely to encounter a bunch of issues, like less success at long and short term weight maintenance, feeling of helplessness and loss of control, unhealthy eating behaviors, and many more.

So don’t feel guilty, enjoy your chocolate, and be happy about it too!

There are not just mental benefits from indulging in the semi-sweet treat; there are physical benefits too.

The antioxidants in dark chocolate will lower your blood pressure, reduce the risk of blood clotting, and increase blood circulation in the heart, causing a lower risk of stroke, coronary heart disease and the death of it.

All these great benefits in just one delicious bar. Sounds like a great reason to eat more chocolate. (Netmeds)

The flavonoids do more than just support the immune system. They also have a pretty positive impact on your brain health. Chocolate can, and will, help better reaction time, increase visual- spatial awareness, and help make your memory stronger.

If your coach ever has or does tell you to cut back on the chocolate because you look a “little winded”, politely say absolutely not. The epicatechin dark chocolate increases nitric oxide in the blood. This supports circulation and reduces the amount of oxygen used when you partake in an intense workout, so dark chocolate will actually allow you to run more intense for a longer amount of time.

Did you know that there is a ceremony of chocolate? It’s technically called a cocoa ceremony. It is the meditation celebration that opens the heart to the use of cocoa. The traditional cocoa ceremonies were originally performed by the Mayans and Aztecs all the way back in 1900 BC.

Cacao ceremonies are known to be more heart opening and brain stimulating compared to other forms of meditation. These celebrations come in all different forms. Some ceremonies may have everyone in an uniting circle to remove the feeling and idea of otherness and bring them into community. Some may have you dancing in the middle or end of the ritual for spiritual awakening or self transformation. Other times the ceremonies will consist of singing in order to present the feeling of togetherness and positive energy.

The pure cacoa that gets enjoyed in a cacao ceremony. The drink that helps people on there road to spiritual enlightenment. (MarcellaShivShaktiYoga)

Before you go there, cacao is not a drug-induced celebration, (come on now-SHS News is a family friendly site). This ritual is simply a self-reflection meditation where you analyze, hope, and wish for the future, a meditation where you reflect and let go of negative energy from the past in order to heal and grow, and recenter to be present in the moment. So come with an open mind, and heart.

In a cacao ceremony you are drinking pure cocoa, so if you partake in this ritual daily then, you’ll develop an appreciation for cleaner foods.  You will also develop an aversion to heavy carbs, sugar, and salt–those cravings will disappear. You will be a happier you, not only due to your healthy diet but pure cacao will positively affect your mood and energy levels.

So next time you feel guilty about eating chocolate, don’t, especially if it’s dark chocolate.