Should Teens Drink Caffeine?

Teens think they need caffeine in their lives.

These are the most drank energy drinks


These are the most drank energy drinks

Ben Larose , Staff Writer

Teens think that they need caffeine to stay alert throughout the day. Most teen athletes today drink energy drinks before a game or practice because they think it will make them perform and play better. Do these energy drinks really help your performance in sports? Are these drinks healthy for your body? 

One of the most used energy/caffeine drink brands is called Celsius. Many teen athletes or regulars use Celsius. There have complaints lately with the drink stating that it is giving people heart problems and also has a drug in it that is currently under investigation from the government. People can get a refund for their purchases and up to $250. 

PepsiCo takes $550 million stake in energy drink maker Celsius (CNBC)

Celsius has been currently banned for NCAA Sport Leagues. No college athletes are allowed to drink Celsius because people have found a banned supplement called “guarana extract” which is supposed to be helping athletes perform better in games. But teen high school athletes still tend to drink Celsius on a daily basis. Is this healthy for them?

The answer is no. Drinking Celsius, especially for teens, is not healthy. It contains addictive ingredients, like added vitamins, artificial sweetener, and green tea leaf extract. Also, drinking Celsius can cause heart problems, dehydration, and liver problems.

Celsius has 200mg caffeine per can, so it is recommended to have one to two a day but many other medical professionals say to not drink Celsius at all as there are many risks. When I used to drink Celsius I felt so dehydrated and had a high loss of stamina. It also gave me chest burns and many others have experienced the same thing.

Another one of the most used energy drinks are Monster. Many teens drink Monster on a daily basis to get through school and through sport practices and games. A can of Monster has 160 grams of caffeine so it is recommended to only limit yourself to one to two cans a day.

But should we even be drinking Monster at all? Monster energy drinks have some benefits but there are many cons that make it unhealthy to drink. 

There are benefits and cons of drinking Monster (Monster Beverage )

There are claims that drinking this improves physical endurance but it is not factually proven. Drinking Monster is bad for the body; it can cause anxiety, jitteriness, and insomnia. Also there is an ingredient in Monster called Taurine which causes your blood pressure and heart rate to increase which is unhealthy and can have a long term effect.

People around the world are addicted to caffeine and consume it daily. These people end up having body and health problems that affect them long term. Some people are even hospitalized and have life threatening health issues. 

So should teens really be drinking caffeine every day? No. Teens should have caffeine every day because it can cause a lot of problems. Also, they are young and should not need to drink caffeine to stay energized or awake.

It is okay though to drink caffeine every once in a while. Drinking it every once in a while will cause little to no harm. Still, the best decision is to not drink any of these “energy” drinks.

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