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Vaping in school has become very common.

Dear America: Vaping In Schools Should Have More Consequences

Sarah Gouvea, Staff Writer November 3, 2023

Vapes in school have become more common, especially in the locker rooms and bathrooms. Everyone knows that it happens, both students and teachers. If one says it doesn’t happen they are either lying...

Plantation of corn in Cisneiros, Minas Gerais, Brazil.

The Reality Of Agriculture And Farming

Sarah Gouvea, Staff Writer October 18, 2023
Appreciating those that work to produce our food is essential.
Students have a life outside of school.

Stress Caused By School

Sarah Gouvea, Staff Writer October 10, 2023

School causes a lot of stress. First, it’s a place where you have a certain time to do everything. Time to walk, time to stand, time to sit, eat, time to arrive, time to go home, study, and even certain...

Pele, Brazilian three World Cup winner. World Cup of 1970.

Soccer in Brazil

Sarah Gouvea, Staff Writer September 13, 2023

Soccer, known as “futebol” in Brazil, is the most popular sport there. Soccer plays a role in Brazil’s culture, race, politics, and population. How was it introduced? Who are some of the great...

School is stressful and many tragedies can avoided by being aware of those around you.

Guns in School: Counseling For All Students Is Needed

Sarah Gouvea, Staff Writer June 13, 2023
Trauma is hard to overcome and it changes people, but they can work and grow through it.
Hair care is extremely important for your  hygiene and health.

Hair Care Is Part Of Your Hygiene

Sarah Gouvea, Staff member March 29, 2023

Hair care is not only important for our looks, but also for our hygiene. Everyone's hair is different and requires care to be healthy. What are some solutions for fixing unhealthy hair? Why is it important...

Thinking is not a problem, the problem is when your thoughts consume you. (

Anxiety and How to Deal With It

Sarah Gouvea, Staff Writer March 17, 2023
It is basically a disease when feelings become extra, excessive, consume you, and interfere with your life daily. 
Being multi lingual is an advantage, and it can start in school.

Being Multilingual is very Important and Beneficial

Sarah Gouvea, Staff ember February 27, 2023
Having to learn a new language because you have to differs from trying to learn and being able to use many different resources and a teacher.
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