Hair Care Is Part Of Your Hygiene

Taking care of your hair is important and there are many ways to do it


Hair care is extremely important for your hygiene and health.

Sarah Gouvea, Staff member

Hair care is not only important for our looks, but also for our hygiene. Everyone’s hair is different and requires care to be healthy.

What are some solutions for fixing unhealthy hair? Why is it important to clean hair consistently? What are differences between different types of hair? Is there any diet for healthy hair? 

Each hair type requires a different type of hair care and routine. (

Some tips for having healthy hair are washing oily hair more frequently, concentrating shampoo on the scalp, using conditioner after shampoo, concentrating conditioner on the tips of the hair, and don’t forget to choose a shampoo and conditioner specifically for your hair type. 

Some other solutions to keep your hair nice and healthy are to brush it before washing, use hair masks, eat a balanced diet, turn down the temperature of your shower, sleep on silk, and get regular trims/haircuts. 

Hygiene with your hair is important because if you do not take care of it, your hair will stop growing after a point, and it will start to experience dandruff, fall out, dryness, and dullness. If it is not washed for a long period of time it can even cause ingrown hairs. 

There are many hair types and they all require different products and routines. Some instructions for straight hair are to wash your hair more frequently and avoid oily products. If your hair is curly you need to reduce shampoo usage, avoid heat styling tools, and avoid dense combs and brushes. Some instructions for thick hair are to use denser products like hair gels, hair butter, hair masks (such as avocado hair masks), and thicker oils, such as coconut oil. Thin hair requires washing the hair regularly and only applying conditioner to the ends of the hair. 

A diet really helps with having healthy hair. Food is full of vitamins and proteins. (

Foods that have high nutritional value are the best for hair growth. For example, eggs are high in protein and biotin, essential nutrients for hair growth. Berries have a lot of vitamin C, which has a lot of antioxidant properties and can help protect hair follicles against damage from harmful molecules. Sweet potatoes help to keep your hair healthy because of their vitamin A. Nuts also have been proven to help with hair growth. Beans and meat are foods full of protein that can be added to your diet to keep your hair growing. 

Overall, taking care of your hair will require your time and effort, but it will surely be worth it to have healthy and clean hair.