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Current 2024 United States Presidential Election Status

Who is more likely to win at the moment?

With the 2024 United States (US) presidential election approaching in the coming months, people are already beginning to question the current status and predictions.

Currently, there are thirteen candidates running for president, but the main focus will be upon five of them, one Democratic (D), three Republican (R), and one Independent (I) party. These candidates are: Joseph Biden (D), Donald Trump (R), Nikki Haley (R), Ronald Desantis (R), and Robert F. Kennedy Jr. (I).

The polls from 270 To Win at the moment show a lean towards a Republican win. This information is based off of polls taken by numerous universities, news/media outlets, and web browsers.

While predictions such as these are surely not definite, they give the public a rough idea of the possible outcomes for this election. Here is another source with similar poll results as well.

It goes without saying that the 2024 election will be much different than the 2020 election which has raised many questions and doubts. The complications that COVID-19 added to the 2020 election were mainly the source of confusion.

In 2024, US citizens will be able to more easily vote in person and there will be more people able to work to produce the results.

It is very hard to predict the outcomes of a US presidential election months before it is taking place, but hopefully the current statistics and information will give the population a general idea of how things may go.

So, how will you vote? Take our survey and let’s us know what you think?

Which party will you likely support?


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Who would you prefer to see as the next elected President?


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