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A teacher takes a turn
What belongs (or does not belong) in this movie poster?

Things I think February 2024 – Mr. Wandyes

I will never eat breakfast at Wendy’s…no matter how many ads they run.

I enjoy Winter.

Fargo was the best thing I’ve seen on television (recently).

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Season Five of Fargo has been called “a return to form”

Donald Trump will be elected President again in 2024, and be found guilty in multiple courts…setting up a Constitutional question of whether he is eligible to serve.  How it turns out? I have no idea

One Word Resolutions are better than specific New Year’s resolutions; thet provide a mindset that can be revisited on a weekly basis.  Some of the selections from my students were “Balance, Change, Focus, Perseverance, Belief.”  Rather than worrying about if you do not lose weight, read more, have less screen time, or any other specific goal, One Word allows you flexibility and a frame of thinking where you can reset and strive to continue the work, instead of focusing on possible failures.

(Mine is “Win the Week”…you can come ask me if you want further clarification)

The Boston Celtics will not win the 2024 NBA Championship, as much as I want them to.  My feeling is they still do not have the “killer instinct” necessary to finish a series quickly against weaker teams, and that Joe Mazzulla is still not an experienced enough coach, especially late in close games.  I hope I am wrong.

Could Coach Mazzulla point his team in the wrong way when the stakes are high?

Multiple sauces over a mix of leftovers (rice, meat, veggies) is my idea of a perfect school day lunch. Plus, if you put it in a container the night before, it is one less thing to worry about in the morning.

Die Hard is 100% a Christmas movie.

Sutton High School would not function without Mrs. Senecal.

If you show up late to school / work with a Starbucks or Dunkin’ coffee in your hand, you are sending a signal that you do not care about your work day.

School uniforms for staff and students would be fine with me.

School uniforms? At SHS? Seriously? Yes, seriously. At least I think so…

It is acceptable to wear shorts any time of the year.

Everyone should make it a goal to compliment at least one person each and every day.

Parking at your mailbox on the street to retrieve your mail is very disrespectful to others, not to mention unsafe.  Pull into your driveway and get a few extra steps in, unless you are physically unable to do so.

Everyone should be proud to share any skills and interests they have.  Don’t be afraid to let others know what inspires you.  As I have always told my daughters, “It’s good to be a weirdo.”

Ron Swanson from Parks and Recreation is the greatest character in television history, and his mustache should inspire us all to make them more socially acceptable.

Could this be the greatest TV character? The mustache says yes…

The 2023-24 school year is flying by.

Sutton High School is a terrific place to come to work every day.

A great quote to summarize most things is, “Everyone is on their own journey.”  I don’t know where I first heard this, but I repeat it often.

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