Queen Elizabeth ll

The second longest reigning monarch in history.

Julia Hemingway, Staff Writer

As you most definitely have heard Queen Elizabeth ll has passed away at the age of 96. She was England’s most beloved and longest serving monarch. For 70 years she served England as Queen. Her legacy will stay with us for a long long time.

Now one of Queen Elizabeth children, Prince Charles will now take over as King Charles lll.

Over the course of her long life she had many accomplishments and contributions to England and the world. From the beginning of World War II. When she was just a teenager she wanted to enlist to help her country but she wasn’t old enough and the royal family didn’t want to put her in danger.  In 1945, when she was old enough to help the military, she became an auto mechanic to help the fight. Even though she wasn’t put in direct danger, she still helped support her country in a time of need.

An incredible achievement of the queen was simply just to have helped her country. During her reign she supported over 600 charities from around the world and helped raise 1.4 billion dollars.

A very important part of her life was helping people and underprivileged communities. Her kind heart helped support education and promote people rising out of poverty. The BORGEN magazine says that Queen Elizabeth would host many parties at Buckingham Palace to raise money to help people in need.

While the Queen has done many noteworthy things in her long life, there are many events that the public have chosen to forget about but acknowledge now that she has died.

According to NEWSWEEK magazine many people are refusing to grieve Queen Elizabeth’s death because of events that occurred under her rule of England and things that her ancestors have done.

Dylan Stableford of Yahoo News states “The matriarch of a royal family legacy of slave-trading, imperialism, colonialism, theft, symbol of opulence and mascot for the ruling class is dead.”  While that wasn’t entirely her fault she didn’t actively try to stop it or acknowledge the pain her ancestors have caused people.

Supposedly many people in Africa and other countries aren’t mourning her death because she’s a lingering reminder of the dark history with Africa and other countries that were colonized by England. Over the years British colonization of many different countries caused atrocities such as the Nigerian Genocide, famine in India during the 1940’s and problems with independence in Ireland.

As previously mentioned, Queen Elizabeth’s son is now the King previously known as Prince Charles. Many people are now wondering how the British monarchy will change. For one some people are anti-monarchy and don’t want kings and queens to have power over countries anymore. Also, Queen Elizabeth had a very long and influential rule and its possible King Charles wont be able to live up to her achievements.