A wonderful world of reading

It really is a whole new world


Mrs. Farmer getting ready for “Date with a Book” display

Samantha Grant and Katelynn Graham

The library has gone through major changes recently. A lot of them were due to the effects COVID-19 had last year. 

Some of those changes consist of the whole seating areas and tables being arranged to meet COVID-19 standards, book shelves being moved for bigger aisle space, and an added QR code system for students to scan when they come in from a different class, which are posted on both entry doors.

Advisory in the library is open to high school students for a quiet studying environment on Days 1, 3, and 5. 

Other changes not related to COVID-19 are that the entire book selection has been updated. Books that are old and no longer deemed accurate have been taken out and replaced with new books to meet the diverse needs of readers.

Finding books is now easier because they have grouped books by genre and added a color code system. For example, horror is red, fantasy is purple and sci-fi/dystopian is blue. Come check out the new system and check out a book (or three) for yourself!

If you can’t find a certain book, you can download the SORA app onto your phone and there you can download eBooks and audiobooks for free.

Additionally, the labs in the library do not look the same as they used to. Both labs may be reserved to all middle school and high school classes. They are called Lab One and Lab Two now. All the computers have been taken out, but you can plug your Chromebook in under the desk and use it as you normally would. 

The librarians are looking for student volunteers to help out around the library. High schoolers are needed to help check out books before and after school and help assist with middle school workshops. All students are welcome to help out with special library events, labeling books, creating book promotions and artwork, and even helping with the library’s social media.

Contact Mrs. Farmer or Mrs. Goddard if you would like to volunteer!