Dear America: Money buys Happiness

Is money the source of happiness in today’s world?

Can money really buy happiness?

Thomas DeMichele

Can money really buy happiness?

Cam Benedict, Staff Writer

In life almost everything has a cost, especially in today’s world. Life isn’t enjoyable when you can’t experience what it has to offer.

Essentially all you really need then is simple: money. 

People say happiness comes from within and it can’t be bought or purchased, which can be true to an extent. However, if you think about what makes you happy or what would make you happy it involves money.

(Happiness levels depending on yearly income) (Carmen Ang)

Having money gives people a greater sense of control in their lives. It makes you feel like you can do whatever with your life because you have access to everything you want. Which again is also true to a point, but that is if you have an immense amount of money not just a good amount but immense amount.

Now having money doesn’t just mean having millions upon millions of dollars, it can be as much (or little) as 80 grand per year. A study from Visual Capitalist shows that happiness increases as wealth increases, which was studied by interviewing and surveying people. If you go from making 30 grand per year to 100, it would be life changing, and obviously for the better.

Another reason is that most problems in life can all be solved with money almost guaranteed. For example, car payments, college, taxes, electricity bills, heating, house, cars, clothes, and more are problems that cause stress and anxiety can all be solved with the help of money. 

Now obviously money can’t buy true love or friendships which is a defining factor to “money can’t buy happiness.” But, another way to look at that is would you rather have friends and be homeless, or would you rather be rich and alone? Hard question but clear answer to pick.

Now back to the fact of it makes people feel like they have more control over their lives. When having money you’re more likely to be able to get what you want and most want to be able to get what they want. What you have in life could be improved with money. Money could get you an upgrade to your house, car, clothes, etc. 

Money=Happiness (Penn State University)

Traveling the world and visiting places you thought you would never see would all be possible with money. You could even live in those places rather than just visit them. Everybody likes going on vacation so there’s no downside at all.

Another argument against money buys happiness is once you get everything you want there’s no drive or anything to keep looking forward to. This makes sense; however, realistically there’s always something more. Also that’s like saying once you get a car then what’s the point of getting a better one? Well guess what the point is, use the car and drive it. The world has so much to offer and there’s always something you would want to do.

I think what really brings happiness into this is what you can do to help out other people who are struggling. You can donate to charity, help raise money for almost anything, and bring a sense of hope in peoples lives.

Imagine the feeling you would have if you were able to pay off all your parents’ debt, or their car, or house. Imagine you were able to help save a person’s life fighting cancer by donating money for research. The possibilities are endless. 

I’m not saying that you can’t be happy without lots of money or the only way to be happy is with money. Money just applies a sense of happiness like no other.