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Trump left off the Ballot

The effects of the 14th Amendment
(AP Photo/Jacquelyn Martin)
Did Trump incite rebellion? Opinions vary as they usually do with the former president.

Former president Donald Trump has been barred from running for president in two states, drawing strong responses from both sides of the political spectrum. The two sides of the argument focus on whether it is unconstitutional to disqualify a political candidate or whether it is justified by the 14th Amendment. Let’s explore both sides of the argument. 

Donald Trump served as America’s 45th President from 2016 to 2020 and is once again running for president. Two states, Colorado and Maine, have disqualified him from running in their states, citing the 14th amendment for Trump’s accused participation in the January 6th, 2021, Capitol attack. 

Section 3 of the 14th Amendment is often called the disqualification amendment. (

Section 3 of the 14th Amendment sets the legal grounds for disqualifying a presidential candidate, the reason being that they engaging in insurrection or gave aid to people who have committed or attempting insurrection, which is the act or an instance of revolting especially violently against civil or political authority or an established government. 

Based on the interpretation from Colorado and Maine, President Trump must have appeared sympathetic or friendly to those individuals who entered the Capitol. Whatever their intent was is subjective and disputed; however, President Trump, in his own words that day, certainly did not help his case for not aiding. He could be heard saying things like stop the stealing of the election, repeatedly claiming election fraud, and prompting other undemocratic ideas and theories. President Trump was also heard telling his supporters to “fight like hell” and to march to the capitol to stop the steal.

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Whether this should be classified as inciting rebellion is a matter of opinion and is not the point of this article. What matters, though, is that the two states in question did believe President Trump’s actions violated the 14th Amendment. 

This map shows states in which Trump was or might be disqualified. (New York Times)

The other argument is the idea that this disqualification is unconstitutional or is a political prosecution. This point of view centers around rights violations, which will now be covered. In the United States, we are a country built on individual rights and freedoms. 

How is it right or fair for a person to be denied the right to run for president in any state? Limiting a person’s right to run could or should be perceived as oppressive. Have either Colorado or Maine fully proved that President Trump is guilty of insurrection? Is this merely a method to keep a viable candidate off the ballot and increase the odds of victory and power to one political side? These are the questions and point of view expressed by many in this country.

Some people claim this is political persecution and a measure to “silence” President Trump. He has appealed the decision to an appeals court and is awaiting a response at the time I am writing this. Whatever the legality of the ruling or whether you believe this ruling to be right or wrong, this ruling serves as a significant milestone in our nation’s history and the effects of the decision will surely be heard for a while.

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  • G

    GKittyJan 12, 2024 at 1:03 am

    Trump is on the Colorado Primary Ballots and the Colorado Sec of State just certified them. The ruling by CO Supreme Court on an appeal that reversed the lower court’s ruling permitting Trump on the ballot— had a major caveat, the injunction barring him would be stayed if he filed an appeal to the US Supreme Court before Jan 2, 2024 (which he did) then his name was to appear on the ballot and the CO ruling was stayed until SCOTUS ruled on the case.

    So Trump is on the ballot in CO as of now?

  • L

    LouJan 11, 2024 at 4:03 pm

    then they should ban everybody from voting that would make a whole lot of difference wouldn’t it I’m still voting for him Trump number one in Colorado

  • D

    Deborah KJan 11, 2024 at 3:00 pm

    People you are missing the big picture. Step back and think to yourselves do we really want a dictatorship? This nation fought hard for our freedoms and you are willing to let it all go for Donald Trump? I voted for him in 2016 and I will not again!! Make America great again DO NOT VOTE TRUMP!!

  • S

    Sean CaseJan 11, 2024 at 12:59 pm

    Trump did nothing wrong anymore than the ones who are saying that he can’t run again! Those are people who say it’s okay to murder innocent babies who live and feel pain in an abortion so they are ALIVE!

  • B

    B. GREGOIREJan 11, 2024 at 6:52 am

    I feel that our constitutional rights are being taken away from us . TRUMP has not been found guilty of insurrection at all but some officials believe they have a right to tell us who we can and cannot vote for . I just think this is going to bite them someday and feel we are being treated unfairly. I will vote for who I want to because that is my right.

    • F

      F sawyerJan 11, 2024 at 4:02 pm

      He has not been found guilty yet nor inersent but the words he used was not a the words of to stay away. It was go get them and then sit in front of the tv and watched those dumb people invade the white the house

  • B

    Bob CJan 11, 2024 at 3:15 am

    This is a Constitutional issue that should be decided by the Supreme Court. If the opinions of the two states is upheld all hell will break loose as some states will start using their opinions to exclude candidates they don’t like

  • K

    KJan 10, 2024 at 10:07 pm

    The people vote for who they feel they want as the president. Why should the government be able to decide who can run if it is truly up to the people voting. Doesn’t it infringe on the people’s choice? If the people don’t want someone for president, they won’t vote for them. If who they want isn’t on the ballot, then they can write them in. If the government says that write ins don’t count, again doesn’t that take away the people’s right to vote?

  • P

    PatriciaJan 10, 2024 at 9:14 pm

    He will win as a write in.

  • R

    Ronald HernandezJan 10, 2024 at 8:51 pm

    Trump stood in front of thousands of people not to mention all of those watching Him on television insight the resurrection. He’s a liar, thief and a crook.

  • I

    Isaac OrtizJan 10, 2024 at 7:46 pm

    I think it’s a good decision to take Trump off the ballot he’s a trader. He turned his back on the USA .

    • P

      Paul49Jan 11, 2024 at 9:51 am

      And what exactly has he been trading,lib?

  • M

    MichelleJan 10, 2024 at 5:57 pm

    Trump did caused the inserection on Jan.6 th Then sat while the Capital was broken into. They had a noose to kill the Vice President, and Trump could care less. It’s always “”me,me,Me ” with Trump, he could care less about human life. Not even his own families, they too will be prosecuted and should be for all the lies they all told. It’s time for Trump and his family be prosecuted to the fullest extent.

  • E

    Evelyn Thayer-HightJan 10, 2024 at 4:14 pm

    He is a psychopath, and so dangerous to our freedoms. He needs to be gone

  • C

    Char HarveyJan 10, 2024 at 3:58 pm

    Didn’t he also say something like “We love you now go home”? How is it possible that this isn’t considered giving comfort to?? The 14th amendment was put in there by the founding fathers for a reason!!!