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Hollywood Loves Franchises

Why franchises? Why won’t films stand alone?

Why are franchises made? What happened to solo films?

Well, the reason most films don’t stand alone is because if the first movie is really successful, then more movies equals more money and sometimes the writer has so many ideas and not all of them can fit in one 90-120 minute movie, so they make more.

Franchises can become more popular and get more recognition. When there is only one movie there is only one story. When it’s a franchise of multiple movies there are multiple stories and a movie with a brand recognition is more likely to succeed than a standalone film.

Some examples of very successful franchises are the Marvel cinematic universe with 11 films, James Bond with 23 films, Godzilla with 30 films, and Friday the 13th with 12 films, and one of my all time favorite franchises, Scream with 6 films. Those aren’t even half of them.

I’m not saying stand alone films can’t be good, some of the greatest movies are stand alone films like Shawshank Redemption. Shawshank Redemption is the number one best rated movie of all time. I just think people enjoy a movie, so much,  and love the characters so they want more so the writer and director make more movies. 

What is the best movie franchise?

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What is the best movie franchise?


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