Why is the Snack Cart Gone?

The snack cart was a huge part of many students lunch, why is it gone this year?


Nicholas Culross, Staff Writer

Every year, students indulge themselves in the many snack options the school has available on their snack cart. There were muffins, Rice Krispies, pop tarts, chips, and many other options to go with your lunch, and students would flock to buy them. Many students also bought snacks from the snack cart during advisory to hold them over until lunch came. These snack carts had something for everyone to indulge on. 

This leads me to my question, why is it gone this year?

The snack cart and the rack of chips were key highlights to the student’s lunch and gave people an extra option to help provide them with substantial food for the day. If the lunch wasn’t at its peak that day, the snack cart helped students fulfill their hunger for the rest of the day. 

As well as providing the students with food, it provided the school with more funds because students would purchase items from there every single day. 

Although the chip rack recently made its way back into the lunchroom, our beloved snack cart is still gone. I decided to ask some students about the issue.

After interviewing a few students about the issue, I learned they share the same opinion. I asked seniors Jared Allen and Brayden Frusher their thoughts on the snack cart, and why it should be brought back. Jared said, “They don’t give us enough to eat so they should provide more with the cart.” 

When asked the same question, Brayden said, “I would buy something from there every day”.

Other students, I briefly interviewed also expressed that the snack cart should be brought back, which goes to show that the majority of the school is in favor of getting the snack cart back in our cafeteria.

To further dive into the problem, I decided to briefly question one of the lunch ladies. She gave me some pretty substantial information as to why it’s gone.

One of the reasons our snack cart is gone is because most of the food they serve now is free. The staff in the lunchroom are also doing their best by providing the chip rack, and other options such as fruit and bagged goods. Orders that should have arrived in October have yet to arrive, so the lunchroom is struggling with that, as well.

Even though we have the chip rack back in the lunchroom, there is a space calling out for our snack cart to return. A majority of the students here are in favor of its return, so who will make the final decision?