Dear America, People Need to be More Accepting

Accept each other and be ok with that


Patrick Kostiw, Staff Writer

Dear America,

In the world we live in today, people are afraid to be who they are. Over time, we see many people change who they are for others, but you should not have to change who you are just for someone to accept you. We need to be willing to accept all individuals for who they are and what they want to become.

It is absurd that in the year 2022, people are still not comfortable with being themselves as they are afraid that people will not accept them. I want a change in America because people should not be scared to show who they are. At this time in age, people are very nervous to receive criticism and I believe that they need to stop thinking of other people’s opinions: all that matters is their own. 

People need to be willing to take any criticism they receive and use it as motivation to show who they really are. Although people are scared to share who they are and what they believe, we need more people willing to come out of their comfort zone and show who they are.

In the time and age we live in I want more people to start believing in themselves rather than doubting every possible thing. Yes, it is fine to doubt yourself, but you should never change or hide who you really are. You need to be proud of who you are and what you represent. Although you may face people with a negative perspective on you, you need to have a strong mindset therefore nobody can affect the way you think.

Here at Sutton High School, I believe that our community is very accepting which leads to many people opening up about who they are and what they believe. There are many resources in our community that are there to help whenever one is struggling with finding their identity, and many people to support them along the way.

In life people need to change as they need to allow people to be themselves and not change for anyone. I believe that when people start to change, their identity is affected as people do not see the real “them”. When people start to show who they truly are, I believe that better connections are made overall. Long-lasting relationships will begin to happen because when you eventually click you never want to lose that feeling.

Everybody should be accepting of each individual as we do not always know what is going on for them. Many people struggle with anxiety and other challenges, but they are constantly working on trying to be the best they can be. Instead of not doing anything, we need to encourage others and be by their side whenever they need help.

Overall, people are afraid to be who they are. I believe that it is perfectly normal to be afraid, but I do not think it should affect your true self. In life, people begin to find their true identity soon after they begin to open up, you should never regret the moments of you waiting to find yourself.