Dear America: We Need To Develop An Attention Span When It Comes To The News

Focus on one thing at a time


Fady Keriakos, Staff Writer

How many times have you heard news on an ongoing crisis?  Plenty of times to a point to where it becomes a roulette of what’s being covered, will today be ongoing wars, economic crisis, issue in the government or maybe this new covid thing that people are catching. But how many times has the news actually followed up on that topic? Chances are they probably haven’t and even if they do they don’t see the situation to the end. It’s because they have a cycle of news stories and articles they need to publish to keep themselves going with ongoing news. This creates an issue with some topics not receiving enough coverage and then slowly dissipating and fading out before they reach a conclusion. I believe that it’s the responsibility of any proper journalist to revisit a subject they touched upon and inform their readers of its conclusion if it has reached one.

Currently I believe that our media and news outlets don’t stay with topics long enough and immediately move on when something more appealing happens. If not already, a journalist’s responsibilities should include having an attention span and sticking with a topic instead of dropping an article and dumping it. We might be getting a plethora of other articles and subjects as a result of this, but we almost never get a conclusion to something that goes on the News.