Varsity Field Hockey Season Preview

The new season features fresh new players and great promise


Emma Logue

Feild Hockey player, Emma Logue, takes pictures on the side line!

Jocelyn Klinghard, Staff Writer

The varsity field hockey season is off to a very strong start this year. The team seems to be very enthusiastic to play, and are confident in the work they have put in to prepare. After two scrimmages, they have gained practice that they will bring with them to their upcoming games. 

The team won their first scrimmage with an impressive 5 to 0 score. The first goal was scored by Claire Acocelli, a freshman on the team, followed by Allison Dasilva, another freshman, scoring two goals. One of the team’s senior members, Rose Grenache, spoke about the win: “I think it was very good, especially since we have such a young team. I think it was a really good opportunity for us to just get out there and play.”

The team, as Rose pointed out, consists of mostly freshman and sophomores. However it seems that this is not stopping the team from being the best it can be. The few upperclassman the team has seem to have no problem being leaders that the other players can follow and learn from.

Their second scrimmage was, unfortunately, a defeat, 1-0. Regardless, the team still has time to prepare before it’s too late in the season.

Rose talked a little more about this, describing how they are preparing: “We’ve been doing a lot of team bonding, because like I said a lot of  us are new, so we’ve just been getting close as a team and really practicing.” I’ve also observed the team doing a lot of running drills, working towards getting in shape for the long distance running necessary for games.

The varsity’s first official game was on Wednesday, September 7th. The score ended in an exciting win, 7 to 0, putting the team in a great place. The first goal was scored by one of the team’s new promising players Allison DaSilva. With these high scoring games, and the low number of points scored by opposing teams, it makes you wonder what our Sutton team has that other teams just can’t figure out.

Rose shared her opinion of what she believes the team’s strongest area is: “The strongest area I think would be how close we are. I think that’s really good. A lot of teams aren’t as close as us.” It is definitely important for teams to be familiar with each other, and be able to work together, in order to show teamwork and play well as a team.

Students are looking forward to watching the games this year and seeing how the team evolves and improves. Great things are expected and Caraline Lambert shared what she is most excited for: “I’m definitely looking forward to winning some games with my new teammates. I think we’re gonna do very good this year. We are a very young team so I think we have a lot to grow.” Caraline pointed out, as Rose did, that they have a young team, however they did not say this in a disappointed way. They are super excited about their young team and the talent that the younger players bring to the field.

Their next game is on Monday, September 12th on our own field. If you are interested in seeing this team grow and score more goals, you’re gonna wanna see this game.