Dear America: Stop Listening To Others Opinions

Be careful about accepting advice


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Man is seen covering his ears, avoiding the talk of others.

Alyssa Chouinard, Staff Writter

Theres no correct way to please someone. No matter what you do or say, they’re always going to be someone that has something to say. People’s opinions are one of the main reasons that peoples self confidence is receding. 

Everybody has something to say about what you do. 

No matter how long you’ve known someone or how well you think they know you, there is no one that will ever know the real you. These people only know the version of yourself you made. 

The advice that other people are giving you can only benefit them, or the person you are pretending to be. Even people with the best intentions are encouraged by their own desires. They want you to be happy and successful, but in a way that fits their own definition. 

Advice quote said by Erica Jong (Quotefancy)

They tell you what they would do. When people offer you advice, they base it on what they would do if faced with a similar situation. But what they would do is based on who they are, not who you are. 

Since they don’t know the real you, the advice they’re giving might not actual be the best. Just because somebody has an opinion about what you should do doesn’t mean they are right. Opinions aren’t facts.

Anytime someone gives you “advice” about a topic they’re passionate about, they might be trying to change something about you, even if the thing they want to change about you may be a thing you love about yourself.

On the other hand, some people may love you so much the way you are that they fear certain decisions you make will change you. They also could be afraid that these changes could effect the relationship between you and them.  

Ultimately, it comes down to you being the expert of yourself. Nobody can know what’s best for you better than you, so trust your instincts, stop listening to other people, and own your decisions.

Your gut instinct is one of the most powerful tools you have on your path to success. Not everything is relevant to you and some of it can be quite damaging to potential achievements. 

If you ever encounter a piece of advice that resonates with your heart, body, and soul, by all means, follow through with the advice till the day you can’t breathe any more. Other than that, discard that piece of advice and avoid weighing yourself down with everyone else’s opinions. 

People have their own biases and limitations, many of which circulate around the experiences they’ve had throughout their lives. Sometimes, you will notice that other people’s advice is affected by their own fears, doubts, and personal baggage. 

The things that were difficult for them to achieve, they assume are difficult for everyone. The things they find irrelevant, they assume mostly everyone finds it irrelevant. 

Your gut instinct will always have the answer.

Listening to others opinions is such a bad problem because of the fact that they are not you! 

If you constantly welcome the opinions of others you begin to dilute your own vision and pick up on everyone else’s nonsense. 

Forge your own path, and don’t look over your shoulder!!!