Guns in School: Making Schools Safer

The ways to protect a school are many

Hunter Miller, Staff Writer

The issue of gun violence on school campuses is a growing problem. With the increasing frequency of mass shootings in the United States, it is important for schools to take steps to physically protect their campuses from all violence, especially guns. 

There are a number of measures that schools can take to make their buildings safer for students and staff. In this article, we will explore some of the most effective ways to protect a school campus from gun violence.

The cost of installing metal detectors, security cameras, and physical barriers can be significant

One of the most effective ways to protect a school from gun violence is to install metal detectors at all entrances. Metal detectors are used to detect weapons that may be brought onto campus, such as guns and knives. Schools that have installed metal detectors have reported a significant reduction in the number of weapons brought onto campus.

According to the National Center for Education Statistics, during the 2019-2020 school year, less than 2% of public elementary schools performed random metal detector checks on students.

Another important measure is to install security cameras throughout the campus. Security cameras can help administrators and law enforcement officials monitor any suspicious activity on campus. They can also provide evidence, in the event of a crime, which can be used to identify suspects. 

Young students walking through metal detectors in order to get to their classrooms (

Many cities have installed security cameras and they have decreased crime within the city. Research shows that an increased number of security cameras in several major cities led to a decrease in criminal activity. If the security cameras are working in major cities why not put them into schools?

In addition to metal detectors and security cameras, schools can also physically fortify their buildings against potential attacks. This can include installing metal bars on windows and doors, or reinforcing walls and ceilings with bullet-resistant materials. 

These measures can help to slow down or stop an attack before it can cause significant damage. Fruitport High School in Michigan has decided to completely redesign their school by spending $48 million in order to install curved hallways and other important measures.

It’s important to also address the cost associated with implementing these safety measures. The cost of installing metal detectors, security cameras, and physical barriers can be significant, and some schools may not have the resources to implement all of these measures.

The cost of a school shooting can be much higher, both in terms of human lives and financial resources

However, the cost of a school shooting can be much higher, both in terms of human lives and financial resources. It is important for schools to prioritize safety measures and use resources accordingly.

I asked my principal, Mr. McCarthy, a couple of questions about security in our school. I started by asking him what he thinks is the biggest safety issue at Sutton High School.

“I think our biggest concern would be students propping outside doors open. It seems harmless if you need to run out to your car to get something, but it could actually lead to a big problem if an unknown person were to get in the building.”

How do schools like Sutton make sure students can walk through the halls feeling safe? 

An armed police officer patrolling a school (

“The best thing we can all do is to make sure we are looking out for each other and being mindful to be aware of our surroundings. If something looks ‘off’ or ‘dangerous’ it should be reported right away. Safety drills, like the ones we will have this spring, are also important as they give us a chance to practice what we should do in the event of a crisis.”

How do schools keep students safe from gun violence?

“The best way schools can keep kids safe from gun violence is by having common sense safety procedures in place. Along with safety drills, these are probably the most specific things we can do. Unfortunately, America has more guns than citizens, and even common sense gun reforms supported by over 70% of Americans are unable to be enacted due to political cowardice and corporate greed. Until our country begins to value human life more than someone’s ability to own a gun, schools will be a place where we will have to prepare for and plan for the unthinkable. “

Another important measure for schools to take is to train their staff on how to respond to an active shooter situation. This training can include drills and simulations, as well as information on how to communicate with law enforcement officials during a crisis.

Schools can also work with law enforcement agencies to increase their security on campus. This can include regular patrols by police officers, as well as the presence of armed security guards. These measures can help to deter potential attackers from attempting to target the school. 

Security cameras can help keep schools safe and provide evidence in the case of a crime (National Educators of America)

According to a report by the RAND Corporation, the presence of armed guards on campus has been shown to decrease the likelihood of a shooting occurring.

Protecting school campuses from gun violence is a huge issue that requires an all-around approach. Along with installing metal detectors, security cameras, physical barriers, and training staff, schools can also engage the community in the effort to prevent violence.

While these measures can be costly, they are essential for ensuring the safety of students and staff on school campuses. It is important for school administrators, law enforcement officials, and community members to work together to develop and implement effective safety measures that prioritize the well-being of everyone on campus. 

By taking a proactive approach to safety, we can help prevent tragedies and create a more secure future for our schools and communities.