Gym Class for All?

Gym Class helps students relieve stress


Gym Teacher Scott Kennedy

Patrick Kostiw, Staff Writer

Physical education is a requirement for high school students. Recently, I considered this question: should student-athletes have to take gym class? Recently, I interviewed Scott Kennedy, the gym teacher here at Sutton High School. 

The main question I asked Mr. Kennedy was, why do you believe student-athletes should be required to take gym class? “Athletes should take gym class regardless of playing a sport,” said Mr. Kennedy.

This answer was simple for him as he believes everyone should participate in physical education as it allows students to take their mind off of other things and they are able to have fun. The answer might be a little biased, but it makes sense; gym class teaches students a different skill set since some students are not able to play other sports. They can still learn the basics in the gym class.

I researches articles about this and found some interesting facts about Physical Education. The recommendation that Jeff Camp has for grades 7-12 is a minimum of 400 minutes of exercise per 10 days. If you are an athlete, you are exceeding this recommendation, but you are most likely doing it outside of school, while gym class in school allows you to do many different things. 

First off, it helps relieve stress and allows you as an athlete to learn different skill sets. Mr. Kennedy believes that you are able to become a better athlete by learning different skills. “They [students and athletes] are getting instruction, plus they are working out and getting different types of skills whether they are a soccer player and learning how to play tennis and other sports to be a well-rounded athlete”. 

Not only does gym class allow you to learn a new skill set as Mr. Kennedy says, but it also helps to overall improve your life. “Working out is a great lifestyle and gym class is able to produce good habits.” Gym class allows you to work out and this gives you a routine that creates good habits. 

Alexander Ramos

Throughout the school day, students battle stress, whether it is school work or personal issues, and gym class is a place where you can calm down and relieve stress. It is a time where you can let go, improve your lifestyle, and you’re able to do all of that with your friends and without interrupting your personal schedule.

As a student-athlete myself, I believe that gym class should be required for all. I believe that it helps me relax and take my mind off of school. Gym class is a great way to improve your skillset and have a fun time.

I appreciate the time I was able to have with Mr. Kennedy to talk about his perspective on whether or not student-athletes should have to take gym classes. I believe that I have a new mindset about gym class now as you are able to learn new skills as an athlete and relieve stress throughout the school day.