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How Far is too Far?

Young journalists and the controversial debate of their writing.
Violane Martin
journalists on scene capturing photos for articles.

There is a lot of controversy in the world of media and journalism. People have strong opinions that the lives of celebrities need to be in the world for every single person to see. 

There is one way to get the job done. You can ask the questions with a baseline of idea and simply have that knowledge. People have tendencies to need to know all and have all the information, and media seems the way to do it in this day and age.

At what point is a journalist going too far? What is the line of safety when interviewing someone?

One common example of media that is going too far can be relationships. Some common examples can be Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce, Dancing With The Stars partners Rylee Arnold and Harry Jowsey, and so many more. The amount of articles written, and journalists that have asked questions about these personal relationships, are too many to count. 

Journalists recordings and notes. (Getty)

Personal lives often fall into the media, mostly relating to family members and friends. There is often a wide amount of controversy within the stories of President Joe Biden’s son. The common thought from people is ‘yes, this is a topic causing problems but what does the president’s response have to do with him leading our country?’

At what point is a journalist going too far? What is the line of safety when interviewing someone? Perhaps is it simply respect?

A journalist’s job is to write and inform with an unbiased perspective. Technically speaking, as long as the lengths that the writers go to get said information does not compromise the bias of the article perhaps gets them off the hook.

Videography for events being reported on. (Hannah Storm)

Morally, there is a dilemma that I have to imagine journalists go through when publishing information about people’s lives. However, truly their job takes more importance.

As we go further into the future and the community of journalists becomes younger generations, how are we as a society able to decipher the difference between said person doing research and when they have gone too far?

Does this mean reporters shouldn’t engage in social media conversations? Of course that is not the goal.

Image from ‘What Do Journalists Do?’ article. (Jenelle Talley)

For one thing, the issue is situational. Based on where, when, how, and what particularly that is being reported has certain importance.

Another is where this article is going, and how big that site or publishing space, provided that the content is deserved. The most important statement is that this is all very situational and can be perceived on many different levels. 

The question remains, do you have the ability to read these articles unbiasedly, have they created them without bias, or have they taken the writing too far?

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