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Is Fortnite the Greatest Game of All Time?

Is Fortnite the Greatest Game of All Time?

Hunter Miller, Staff Writer May 14, 2024

Since Fortnite introduced a Battle Royale mode in 2017, it has dominated the gaming industry. Fortnite is the most popular game ever with 500 million registered Fortnite accounts. Fortnite peaked at 44.7...

Dear America: AI is beneficial to our society

Dear America: AI is beneficial to our society

Hunter Miller, Staff Writer March 15, 2024

AI has taken the world by storm. 2023 was AI’s biggest year ever for advancements. AI has grown in popularity tremendously just over the past year. One of the main reasons for this was the creation of...

Some NFL coaches that were fired

Legendary Football Coaches Fired

Hunter Miller, Staff Writer March 12, 2024

The NFL season came to an end for many teams that are out of the postseason. This means lots of those teams will be firing their coaches since they didn’t reach the expectations set before the season.  Many...

Plastic water bottle floating in the ocean

The Effects Plastic Water Bottles have on the Environment

Hunter Miller, Staff Writer March 9, 2024

In recent years, environmental issues have become more and more serious. Many countries are trying their hardest to stop the amount of global pollution. There has already been damage to our climate and...

Jaylen Brown driving in for a one handed dunk

Denver Nuggets vs Boston Celtics

Hunter Miller, Staff Writer February 1, 2024

The Boston Celtics, who have been considered the favorite to win the NBA Finals, faced off against the Defending Champions on January 19. The Celtics entered their matchup with the Denver Nuggets on a...

Two players competing in a game of Flag Football

Flag Football is coming to the Olympics

Hunter Miller, Staff Writer January 22, 2024

The Olympics is a major international sporting event with participants from all over the world. There are the Winter Olympics and the Summer Olympics, where thousands of athletes compete in many different...

Things I Think

Things I Think

Hunter Miller, Staff Writer January 4, 2024

(Editor's note: Welcome to a new series we are trying at SuttonHighNews. Basically, we want to know what people think. We started with our staff, but eventually we run out of staff to post. Are you willing...

Young children playing baseball

Dear America: Pro Athletes have a positive impact on the youth

Hunter Miller, Staff Writer November 17, 2023
Athletes are often looked up to as role models by children
Deion Sanders coaching a game for the Colorado Buffaloes

Colorado Buffaloes and Deion Sanders = success

Hunter Miller, Staff Writer November 14, 2023

The Colorado Buffaloes finished their 2022 campaign with a disappointing record of 3-9, with many of the losses being blowouts. The Buffaloes knew that they needed to make a change, and they made a big...

A basketball going through a net

Technical Skills vs Athleticism in Basketball

Hunter Miller, Staff Writer October 23, 2023
The most successful basketball players are those who possess a balance of technical skills and athleticism.
Young kid pretending to work on a business

What are Student Businesses?

Hunter Miller, Staff Writer October 11, 2023

In recent years students have started to create their own business while still in school. Young kids are realizing that they are in a very good position to start making money in high school since they...

Drake taking a selfie

Drake’s Discography

Hunter Miller, Staff Writer October 6, 2023

Aubrey Drake Graham better known as Drake is a Canadian singer/rapper. Drake is widely considered to be one of the best of all time. Drake has a very good discography which consists of many projects and...

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