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Things I Think

Everyone has their own opinions–these are mine
Things I Think

I think that governments are capable of aiding Africans easily but don’t. Everyone should have access to clean drinking water, but many different countries neglect Africa’s bad water problem, when they can easily build wells.

I think soccer is the superior sport as demonstrated by the staggering devoted fans and the impactful memories it creates.

I think that the U.S. should adopt a universal healthcare system.

A childhood picture of me after a soccer game. (My mom)

I think that plastic should be banned. It sticks around in the environment for ages, threatening wildlife and spreading toxins. There are other materials that we could substitute for plastics like beeswax, metals, and paper that will do less harm to the environment.

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I think that all guns, even in police forces, should be illegal. They only cause pain and suffering. Humanity needs to put a harsh stop to gun violence.

I think that all of humanity is selfish.

I think everyone should have access to good and valuable education that is free. Without education, you are stuck where you are and we should strive for everyone to be able and capable of success.

I think that young children shouldn’t be allowed phones as it affects sleeping, mental health, diligence, and posture.

I think that schools should start later because not many teens can put in hard work early in the mornings. Our sleep is already limited.

My first time cooking meatloaf for my family. (Elizabeth Reid-Eriksen)

I think that fossil fuels should be banned as they contributes greatly to global-warming and kills our beloved earth for future generations.

I think that fast food restaurants should be more strictly regulated for serving unhealthy foods. In the US, obesity is a big problem and most fast food restaurants are unhealthy and add to the ever growing obesity problem. Americans should cook their own food.

I think that the grading system is an outdated way of assessing intelligence.

I think that healthcare should be free. Too many people are in debt from the unfair health care system.

I think that people need to stop worrying about labeling themselves and focus on just being them.

My friends and I hugging after working to win a game. (My mom)

I think that politicians should go back to Kindergarten and learn how to function as a proper adult. They need to understand how to work together and be respectful.

I think that parents put too much expectations on the eldest child and too little on the youngest.

I think that rich people should be required to donate to charities; they have nothing better to do with their money and many people in need will benefit greatly.

I think that we need to stop judging people for their race, religion, sex, nationality, etc. and just realize that we are all human beings. “If you don’t have anything nice to say don’t say it at all.”

I think that having an artistic career is just as important as a scientific career; it doesn’t mean any less.

I think that society has set unrealistic expectations on young women – no one can be Barbie.

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About the Contributor
Elizabeth Reid-Eriksen
Elizabeth Reid-Eriksen, Staff Reporter
My name is Elizabeth and I am a freshman at Sutton High School. I play JV for the girls soccer team, and have been playing soccer my entire life. I am also a very artistic person and love to draw and paint. Additionally, I love to read, listen to music, take long walks, ski, and play the piano. I am so excited for my first year of high school.

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