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Shakespeare is not hard to read/understand.

Indie Folk music is the best music genre.

Studio Ghibli makes better movies than Disney. Ghibli films tackle much more mature themes such as environmentalism, poverty, insecurities, and war but do so through complex storytelling. Disney films rely on formulaic storytelling with a hero and villain and a clear-cut conflict that is always resolved by the end of the movie. Disney movies can be entertaining for all ages but lack depth and realism that Studio Ghibli captures.

Studio Ghibli logo VS Walt Disney logo (Aline Dolinh)

Even though I love both, tea is better than coffee.

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Minecraft is a great game for children to play that introduces them to the gaming world while also almost entirely promoting creativity, allowing for complete creative freedom, problem solving, and if a child plays with friends, teamwork and cooperation. There is also a setting to turn off the enemies so if parents are weary of letting their younger kids play video games because of the violence debate, they can turn that setting on and all monsters disappear.

Video Games do not promote violence. While some games are centered around fighting, or war there are plenty of video games that are entirely centered around creativity, puzzle solving, and even music that people tend to overlook. It would also be unfair to blame violence in children only on the games they play. Parents, movies, books, and TV shows all influence how a child views the world or deals with their negative emotions.

Legos are overpriced.

The best looking sneakers are Converse.

Everyone should own a pair of Dr. Martens.

We don’t research space as much as we should.

Old music is much better than present day music.

Today’s trending fashion does not actually look good, and limits personal expression.

Social Media is not limited to online apps but also includes the newspaper, articles, letters, etc.

The Hunger Games Book Cover

PE should not affect GPA scores.

The Hunger Games should be read in school in place of The Giver. The Hunger Games is a very probable situation that could happen in our world. It also has more relatable characters and a more impactful storyline.

Heathers is not a good movie or musical.

Piercings, tattoos, or dyed hair should not affect a person’s ability to get a job. Facial and body piercings, tattoos, and dyed hair are simply personal expressions and do not tell what kind of person someone is.

Teachers should be paid just as much if not more than professional sport players.

Esports is a sport. (Check out the article “What Is Esports” by Sutton High News!) Esports, much like the more popular sports, involves intense competition. The difference is that this competition is done through video gaming, where individuals or teams compete against each other in a variety of video game titles and genres.” A sport is an activity that involves intense competition that requires skill. Competitive gaming requires skills such as hand-eye coordination and teamwork which can be found in many traditional sports as well.

The starting times for the elementary school (8:30 am) and the High School (7:30 am) should be swapped. 


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Abby Coulter
Abby Coulter, Staff Reporter
I’m a Senior here at Sutton High School as well as Sutton E-Sports’ four year Overwatch captain. I’m currently studying game design, specifically character design art which is something I hope to study in college moving forward.

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