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Things I Think

Different opinions can lead to good outcomes
Open Colleges
People might not agree with certain ideas but everyone has a right to voice their own opinion

Here are the things  I think:

I think everyone should experience customer service.

-Experiencing the other side of things can make you empathetic to workers.

I think Apple makes the same phones every year.

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-Every time an apple phone is released it seems like they did nothing from the model before. It seems like they just add a camera and make the “quality” better.

I think everyone should experience going to another country.

– Seeing different lifestyle’s can change your view on things.

I think there should be more options for school food.

I think music is the best therapy.

-There are so many types of music for everyone to enjoy and for different moods as well.

I think your never too old to go trick or treating.

I think Christmas is the best holiday.

I think people are too judgmental.

I think black Friday deals are not the same anymore.

-I can remember back then people used to stay out all night waiting for stores to open and the worst part was getting in. It was like someone famous was in the store with people pushing.

I think friends are not forever.

– I truly believe majority of people are not friends with the same people they were two years ago and will change thorughout your lifetime.

I think all water taste different.

I think airport workers are always in a mood.

I think pineapple on pizza should not be a thing.

I think clowns are more scary than funny.

-Ever since the clown scandal in 2016 I never saw a clown the same anymore. Clown are truly the one thing I will be scared of.

I think customers are not always right.

I think morning people are more productive than night owls.

-Waking up early and getting things done makes you feel organized and puts you on a better sleeping schedule than a night person.

I think breakfast food is the best.

I think Pepsi should be banned.

Pepsi and Coca Cola are often compared but Coca Cola tends to be a fan favorite over Pepsi

-There is about only two places that I know that sell Pepsi and not Coca Cola. I forget Pepsi is even a thing until I dont have a choice at a restaurant because thats all they have. Pepsi is honestly just a failed copy of Coca Cola.

I think wearing socks to sleep is a crime.

I think dressing up is better than dressing down.

-Dressing up makes you feel better about yourself and makes you feel more confident than dressing down.

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About the Contributor
Jahaira Castillo
Jahaira Castillo, Staff Reporter
Hi! I'm a sophomore and this is my first year at Sutton High School. On my free time I like to hang out with friends and family. I also enjoy traveling with my family and visiting new places. My favorite place I've traveled to would have to be Greece. I love listening to music and going to concerts. My favorite type of music would either be R&B and Reggaetón. But about a year ago I started listening to country music and I love it. My favorite country singer would have to be Jason Aldean.

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