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Just some thoughts to share

I think that delivery drivers need to learn how to park and back up their vehicles, not leave it in the middle of the road.

I think that teachers should park in the teacher lot out front, or in the back teacher lot. Stop parking in the student lot; we are pay for a reason.

I think that outdoor sports such as hunting and fishing are the only real sports in this world. Go chase your ball around your field in circles.

I think that natural remedies and physical therapy should be used more often to cure disease rather than loading up on medications. I think that too many people rely on needless medication.

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I think that students’ phones are their property, and the school cannot entirely confiscate it. If a teacher has a problem with phones, have them at the front of the class.

Basic Maintenance (William Sawicki)

I think that diesel trucks are a better investment than gas trucks. They last longer, make more power, and are more efficient.

I think that everyone should know how to do basic maintenance and repairs on their vehicles.

I think that manufacturers of automobiles and equipment should make their equipment easier to work on.

Hard to work on… (William Sawicki)

I think that trucks are becoming a luxury vehicle, and they should not be as many people need them for work.

I think that Christmas is becoming less recognized each year. Many people do not put the same effort into Christmas as they used to.

I think that people should learn to just say no more often.

I think that people should learn the harmful effects of fluoride and aluminum in everyday products such as toothpaste and deodorant.

I think that the school should stop pushing certain agendas. Things such as sexuality and religion should not be taught, especially in the form they are presented.

I think that the government should be scared of the people, and that is not the case now.

I think that Day One advisory should not prohibit high school students from the cafeteria.

I think that school gets out too late in the summer, and that summer should be longer.

I think that food at ski resorts is obnoxiously expensive.

I think that people who take vacations all the time should use that money and save for a home that makes vacationing unnecessary and staying home a pleasure.

I think that non-vocational schools should still offer small shop classes to teach basic skills.

I think that people listen to their doctors too much. Sometimes, people should do some thinking for themselves and use common sense.


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William Sawicki
William Sawicki, Staff Reporter
My name is William, but I most often go by Will. I attend Sutton High School. I have lived in Sutton my whole life. I enjoy being outdoors and doing outdoor activities. I like to hike, fish, snowboard, water ski, and many other outdoor oriented things.

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