The Bold The Young and the Murdered

Drama club’s first play takes the stage!


Isabella Gabriel

Start getting excited for the drama club’s first play of the year!

Jocelyn Klinghard, Staff Writer

The drama club will start the year off by performing the play The Bold the Young and the Murdered.

From the title it is clear that this play is going to be an exciting murder mystery, full of drama that is certain to entertain the audience. 

It is not a very well known play, unlike the other plays the high school has performed, so most students won’t know what to expect.

The story starts off on the set of a long-running soap opera The Bold and the Young, which is currently in its last days. The show consists of many interesting characters, a strong hero that is struggling with self-esteem issues, a villainous old man that is strongly interested in soup, and other heroines that seem slightly psychopathic. The executive producer gives the entire cast a final offer before the show is cut: complete one full episode overnight. When people on the set begin to get killed off, it seems that the ultimatum might actually “kill off the show.” Can the cast solve the murders before the entire cast is literally killed off?

The director, Mr. Loss, explained his history with this play, “I chose this play three years ago, and we were looking to potentially do it in 2021, but this little thing called COVID came along and threw it all off. So I had been holding on to it, waiting to do it.”

He then went on to talk about why he chose it for this year, “It just works out well with the cast we have, and I think people should look forward to seeing what they do with it. It is good and it’s funny.”

The cast this year is made up of Seniors, Juniors, and Sophomores. No Freshman have expressed interest in the play, but Mr. Loss is hoping to find some to join. 

The talent in the cast is very promising. “It’s a good crew, it really is. We’d like to have a couple more people in there, but it’s a strong upper class crew with the Juniors and Seniors. It’s not just their talent, but also their commitment and availability. They’re there and working hard the whole time. I’m pleased with their talent and desire. When you have those two things you have yourself a really good crew,” says Mr. Loss.

Nixon Huggins, a member of the drama club, explained why she is excited to preform in the play. “I like how it’s a murder mystery, they’re always fun to watch, cause you have to figure out who did it.  But it’s mainly just a comedy and it’s really fun seeing the characters that have big personalities. The characters each have one main personality trait that they follow throughout the whole play.”

Interesting characters and it’s a comedy? Yes, the drama club seems to be working hard to put on plays that will appeal to their student audience.

Emily Pietras states why she believes students should come see the play on October 19th. “It’s a murder mystery, which is always fun to go see. It’s also pretty funny, so hopefully everyone will get some laughs out of it. It’s also just an easy way to support the local drama club.”

As Emily pointed out, coming to see the play would be a great way to support the club that is so important to many members.

Maggie Jakubiak, another committed member, talked about why the club is important to her. “It’s really fun to meet new people and to talk to people that you otherwise wouldn’t think to talk to”

The drama club is open to all interested and committed students, so if meeting new people and gaining new experiences interests you, talk to Mr. Loss.

Students should be very excited for opening night, October 19th (two more shows are on October 20 & 22–all shows at 7 p.m.) to see what the cast has to offer.