Shop Till You Drop… For Those in Need

Help bring thoughts to others this holiday season.


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Santa encouraging us to all help out and give this holiday season

Macy Hutchinson, Staff Writer

There is nothing like the joy of the holidays when you are a kid. For my family and me, it’s Christmas. There was nothing like waking up and running to my parents’ room, begging them to get up because Santa came.

As I grew up it turned into my parents running into my room to wake me up because they cannot wait no more, but it still applied. We would run into our living room and admire all the presents stuffed under the Christmas tree.

Some families do not have the luxury of waking up to tons of presents. When I was little, in December I was always trying to be a good girl and on my best behavior so I would not get coal in my stocking, but for some children, coal might be the best present they can get. For them it means a warm fire and that for a few hours they don’t have to shiver.

Half the global population lives on less than $2 a day. 448 million children are underweight, which is probably what leads to the 30,000 children under the age of five dying daily from avoidable diseases. If you don’t believe me, read for yourself.

This December, while you are doing your Christmas shopping, I hope you keep all of this in mind. Don’t get me wrong. I am not trying to guilt you out of spending money on your family this holiday season. I am trying to do the opposite. I am trying to get you to spend your money, just on different websites.

Many websites help people in need. You can help just by buying. The more you buy the more you help.


Zambeezi’s online shop. A collection of their hard work doing good.

This is a brand of chapstick made from organic beeswax. I believe that this would make a very cute stocking stuffer for really anyone. The company provides fair jobs to African Farmers who would not get enough compensation from other companies that have been developed in other countries.

That’s not all. Zambeezi partnered with local churches to help build projects that serve aid to the community like schools, clinics, and drilling wells.

Gift of Hope

Gift of Hopes Black Friday Sale items. Ranging from backs to jewelry

This company sells jewelry and other handmade beauties. While they do this they break down the cycle of poverty. They create jobs as well as prevent orphans. Just by buying you help a child reconnect with their mothers, and help the mothers not only break the chain of poverty but rise above it.

Wear the Peace

Wear the Peace’s websites, showing off the variety of items they sell.

Wear the Peace sells social justice-inspired articles of clothing, hats, jewelry, and many other things. They bring awareness to what is happening in our society. With the purchase of any article of clothing, they donate new clothing to a human in need. Wear the Peace donates 100% of funds made off of hats and all the other accessories to different causes, like sending girls in conflicted areas to school, feeding families in famine-stricken countries, building water wells, and many other causes.


Bombas online website. Showing off their collaboration socks. Such things as Mickey Mouse, Eric Carl, Disney Princess, and more

Bombas sells such things as characterized socks, underwear, T-shirts, and slippers. With every item you buy they donate a pair of socks to homeless shelters. They also donate the top three needed items needed in homeless shelters: underwear, socks, and t-shirts. They don’t sell these items by coincidence, By buying through Bombas you help build: overnight shelters, transitional living facilities, street outreach teams, rehabilitation centers, Title One schools, and help provide medical services.

Sackcloth & Ashes 

Sackcloth and Ashes’ variety of blankets, in many different fun colors and patterns.

Sackcloth and Ashes is a brand of blankets, started when Bob Dalton called homeless shelters and asked what they needed and the only response was blankets. For every blanket you buy Sackcloth and Ashes’ donates a blanket to the homeless shelter. Also, the blankets are made from recycled materials. They are also manufactured with a dye-free, water-free, and chemical-free processes. So while their sales are helping the homeless, their manufacturing also isn’t hurting the environment.

Out of Print

Out of Prints online. A snippet of their trending items.

Out of Print is a bookworm’s dream shop. They sell clothing that represents different works of literature for all ages. They either have signature moments from the story or even the book cover. Out of Print donates books to communities in need. They also support a variety of literacy initiatives.

This holiday season I encourage you to drop the name-brand shopping and do some more spending on websites such as these. Websites that give back to the community we are in, and try to help others. Not everyone is fortunate to have Dior and Yeezy wrapped under the tree.

Some are just lucky enough to get coal in their stocking from Santa, and for them, that’s a gift, not a punishment.