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Things I Think

My opinion on a variety of topics
Philip Ostrowski
Mount Monadnock

Here are some things that I think:

Mountain view from Mount. Lafayette (Philip Ostrowski)

One; I think that hiking/backpacking is one of the best athletic activities. Not only do you get to climb mountains and walk ranges, you get to enjoy the jaw dropping vistas.

Two; I think that drinking tea before bedtime is a must. My top pick is organic chamomile green tea from TeaBox. It’s relaxing and helps me sleep much better.

Three; I think that stargazing is a great outdoor activity and that more should try it out. This is most useful when heading out to areas like New York or New Hampshire. There are great spots, where you can see the Milky Way in such vivid light.

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Four; I think that designer brands are useless, and very overpriced. The only reason people buy these products is because of the high price and brand recognition.

Five; I think that computer literacy is a necessary skill in today’s age. For people who did not grow up with computers, I think it’s very important to be fluent in how to use what is slowly becoming more ingrained in our daily lives.

Six; I think that modern rap is one of the worst genres of music. Artists like Lil Wayne, Drake, Trippie Redd, and others make music with little to no meaning. Most of the songs sound the same too, and the lyrics are often weak.

Seven; I think that everyone should know how to play at least one instrument. Not only is it a great hobby and tests your skills, you can also create music, or play in a band with others.

Eight; I think that technology has been increasingly invasive with their advertising practices. Many websites, applications, and operating systems collect far too much data on users in an effort to not only sell it, but use it as a way to more effectively advertise products.

Nine; I think that privacy is a human right, and many tech corporations completely disregard this. Similar to what I mentioned above, far too often people and entities disregard privacy.

Ten; I think that California is one of the most biodiverse and beautiful states. From the redwood forests, to the Rockies and southern deserts, and the west coast, California has a lot to offer in terms of diverse landscapes.

Eleven; I think that LED headlights are obnoxious and obstruct other drivers’ ability to see at night. Especially in vehicles lower to the ground, large trucks with their bright LEDs are blinding, and cause difficulties seeing at night.

Philip stretching in preparation for his run in Boston (Abby Ostrowski)

Twelve; I think that classical music goes greatly underappreciated. As I’ve been playing piano occasionally, I begin to understand how much more complex it really is. Solo piano sounds great regardless, such as  artists like David Lanz.

Thirteen; I think that more people should start long distance running. If you don’t already go to the gym or have other sports, long distance running is a great way to spend your time and stay healthy.

Fourteen; I think that crypto is far too volatile to be something that I would genuinely consider investing in. Something as little as a tweet from someone on Twitter (now “X”) can skyrocket or plummet the value of the currency.

Fifteen; I think that virtual reality is a great medium and should be more greatly expanded on. VR immerses you in the games or media, you are playing, and provides a completely new experience only achievable in VR.

Sixteen; I think the vast majority of recent Disney movies have been very poor. None of them really have all that good of a message and the art styles rarely vary.

Seventeen; I think that everyone should be drinking way more water than they already are. Not only is the vast majority of the US population chronically dehydrated, they don’t realize that they are.

Eighteen; I think that one’s mental health is primarily (not always of course) a reflection of the lifestyle that they live. It’s greatly important how you sleep, what you eat, participate in, how much you exercise, and feel fulfilled socially and spiritually. Many basics are looked over in terms of mediating negative mental health statuses, and instead look towards drugs as solutions rather than changing the root causes.

Nineteen; I think that cats are cuter than dogs. Look at my cat, Rocky. Dogs simply cannot match his level.

Rocky in a Santa hat (Bruce Ostrowski)

Twenty; I think that too many people care far more what others think of them than they should. Caring what other people think of you is important, but it shouldn’t be the only thing that you rely on for guidance.

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About the Contributor
Philip Ostrowski
Philip Ostrowski, Staff Reporter
My name is Philip Ostrowski and I am a senior at Sutton High School. I run cross country, track, and I am a Boy Scout. I have learned many new skills and have experienced many new things as a scout. A hobby of mine is programming, and I often use it to make video games. I also appreciate the outdoors, and love to go biking, hiking, and camping.

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  • M

    Ms. O'NeilJan 19, 2024 at 10:22 am

    I love this column. It gives me insight into the brain of Philip, which it turns out, is not a scary place, and gives me something to think about. Well done.