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How do new years resolutions differ from generations?

What do millennials value? does Gen Z agree with these values?
New Years Resolutions ideas

Happy New Year, Sutton High! Entering this new year do you have any resolutions? Finding a resolution for the upcoming year is great for setting goals for yourself and holding yourself accountable in the choices you make.

Yes, I know that January 1 was a few days ago, but you can always make a resolution. Still, it makes me wonder–do different generations make different resolutions?

new years resolutions list

There has to be a strong difference in the goals and resolutions of Millennials and Gen Z. After asking teachers and students about their goals, I noticed there a clear difference between what they value as a whole. 

Resolutions and their ideas came in the 19th century. Specific cultures practiced this and it became a tradition for many people. Some of the most common resolutions happen to be money, exercise, and eating healthier. It is also a common fact that most people give up on their resolutions by the end of the second week in the year.

Not me, of course–I’m still keeping it

— Pretty much everyone

At best some try to make it to the end of January if possible even though this should be a year long event. It really depends on the person and what they value, especially starting a new year with such high goals.

A Sutton High Senior said that their goals for this year were to exercise more which adds to the list of being a very common goal. 


A teacher at the school had said that their goal is to make more time for themselves similarly and another teacher had the same. Maybe it can be because they are Millennials and share similar views.

Statistically speaking, millennials value more meaningful motivation and it is what is keeping them going where Gen Z places their values in self sufficiency. This shows a lot of what each generation values and what they place their time in. 

Stick to your resolutions–you can do it!

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Marina Astrella
Marina Astrella, Staff Reporter
I am a senior at Sutton High School. In my free time, I am a dancer at H&H Dance Academy in Millbury. This will be my 15th season, and my fourth season on the competition team. My favorite color right now is orange, and I love listening to music, especially going to concerts.

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