Halloween fun!

Good old fashioned fun


The winning team!

Staff, Staff Writer

Yesterday, there were several great costumes throughout the district.

The high school and middle school went to create a cheering lane for the elementary buildings, and the kids all showed out!

In addition, the high school staff had a department costume challenge, and the winner was the science department crushing their opponents, garnering 62% of the vote. Nice job, heavy metal!

Student winners were:

Grade 9: Zen Sheridan as Teen Titan Raven

Grade 10: Ivana Arrieta Osuna as Soucihi-Junji Ito

Grade 11: Laura Sullivan & Caitlin Conley as Ferris Bueller & Cameron

Grade 12: Alexander Woodcock & Maggie Morgan-Smith Cline as Victor & the Corpse Bride

Grade Level Winner – Sophomores

Check out the gallery of photos from yesterday!

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