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The teams of the National Hockey League

The Chances of Success in Hockey

Ben Larose, Staff Writer October 19, 2023
The chances of making it to the NHL is slim with a chance of fewer than 2% of D1 College players making it and playing in the NHL
Technology has a big impact on children

Dear America: Technology Ruins Children

Ben Larose, Staff Writer October 13, 2023
Numerous negative effects on kid’s lives and brain and social development.
Not going to college can lead to unemployment

Should Everyone Attempt College?

Ben Larose, Staff Writer September 12, 2023
Going to college is important for increasing career stability.
There are many sports to choose from in high school.

Importance of Sports in High School

Ben Larose, Staff Writer August 30, 2023
High school sports are an important part of high school.
The looks on mental health

Guns In School: The Role of Mental Health

Ben Larose, Staff Writer June 8, 2023
There have been 26 school shootings so far this year of 2023
The 2023 NHL Trade Deadline.

The NHL Trade Deadline

Ben Larose, Staff Writer March 31, 2023
There are a lot of shocking trades that have happened during the 2023 NHL trade deadline.
These are the most drank energy drinks

Should Teens Drink Caffeine?

Ben Larose, Staff Writer March 27, 2023
No, teens should not be having caffeine everyday
Hockey has one of the most expensive gear in sports but is it worth buying it?

Can You Buy a Better Game?

Ben Larose, Staff Writer March 7, 2023
...not every piece of equipment will help you perform better...
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