What is Sutton’s Best Pizza?

For a small town, there are quality options

Jacob Corrente

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What is Suttons Best Pizza?

My friend Kelvin Paulino and I took to the halls of Sutton High with one question in mind: where is the best place to get pizza in Sutton? This is a very important question to me because I am a big pizza guy. 

There are four places in Sutton that came to mind for this question: Tony’s, Jim’s, Brunos, and Market 32.  When it comes to a good pizza there are three factors that come into play: the sauce, the cheese, and the crust. For me, I keep it simple with just a regular large cheese pizza. 

So when asking the question all I wanted to know was what place in Sutton has the best cheese pizza. The answers might be a big surprise.

I asked about 70 students and faculty members with the results being a landslide. Coming in last place would be Market 32 with only six people saying that’s the best pizza. Now that’s a shock to me because their corner to corner cheese pizza is very good. It is honestly the best bang for your buck pizza and it is also probably the cheapest option on the list.

Now this next one shocked me–tied for second place was Tony’s and Jim’s Pizza. To be completely honest with you I haven’t had Jim’s Pizza in about three years because it is constantly disappointing with their pizza. The only upside about Jim’s is that it is pretty cheap, and if you’re extremely hungry then it might be appealing to you.

When it comes to Tony’s I personally was surprised that it didn’t take the crown. Tony’s has been in Sutton for 40 years. The reason I think that it didn’t win is because of the change in ownership. Tony’s to me is the friend you don’t always see much but no matter what you both will always be there for each other and enjoy spending time together. Many people complain about the prices at Tony’s, which I can understand with a large cheese pizza being about $14. But with the amount of history it has in our small little town there should be more respect for it.

Coming in first by almost 40 votes are the new kids on the block, Pizzeria Bruno. Brunos is a great place to get a pizza with a very welcoming atmosphere. Every time I walk through the door the owner is always the first person who welcomes me. With the pizza being made in a brick oven stove it adds that extra panache to the crust. Their pizza has never let me down and if you want a good slice of pizza then Bruno’s is the place for you. 

The only issue with Brunos is the price. For a regular cheese pizza, you’re looking at almost $20 and that can present an issue for some people, but the quality of the pizza will never let you down. When I went to Italy it was very hard to come back to Sutton and eat pizza after discovering what true Italian pizza was like. That was until I went to Brunos and experienced what they bring to the table. Now it isn’t exactly like Italy, but it is pretty darn close.

I am very grateful that these restaurants have been able to stay in business over the entire pandemic and I hope that they will continue to stay open for many more years to come as they play a big role in our small community.